Zen Hair Growth Pills: An In-Depth Review

Zen Hair Growth Pills claims to revitalize your hair health and reverse your hair fall.

These pills promise to give you full and lustrous hair that radiates a sense of vitality and health for both men and women.

zen hair growth pills
When I first heard of Zen Hair from a friend, I was excited to see what innovations this product had for the hair care industry. However, doing some research lead to a different kind of discovery.

So, I decided to write an impartial Zen Hair review for all the men and women who are considering purchasing this hair regrowth formula. 

So, if you are someone who is considering Zen Hair as your primary hair growth treatment, you should definitely read the entire review, or at the very least, analyze my conclusion and recommendation.

Zen Hair Growth Pills:

Zen Hair Growth Pills claim to be a clinical strength hair growth formula that:
  • Increases hair regrowth by 62%
  • Promotes hair fortification and volume by 74%
  • Boost hair length by 87%

The seller’s website makes this product to be the perfect hair regrowth treatment. That said I didn’t find any supporting evidence (trial data or clinical study data) for these claims.

According to my understanding of the info provided, Zen Hair claims to help men and women get thicker, longer, and healthier hair. And this is acceptable as it also comes with some well-known hair health ingredients like Biotin and Folic acid.

How Does Zen Hair Claim To Work?

This hair growth supplement claims to be an Advanced Scalp & Root Nutrition Hair Care solution.

In essence, Zen Hair, like other hair growth supplements, contains an assortment of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to promote follicle health and hair growth.

According to the website, it also seems that this product works on all four stages of the hair growth cycle to provide you consistent and rapid hair growth. It also helps protect your hair from damage by fortifying the hair.

But in the end, the website provides zero evidence of these claims.

What Are The Promises Made By Zen Hair Growth Pills?

  • Slows/stops hair fall
  • Helps repair split ends
  • Increases hair follicle strength
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Improves hair volume
  • Provides lustrous hair

While you may experience some of these benefits, I cannot guarantee with any certainty the level of satisfaction you will feel with using Zen Hair.

How Many Zen Hair Pills A Day Do You Have To Take For The Claimed Benefits?

The recommended dosage isn’t mentioned on the official website.

But I calculated that the dosage should be 2 pills a day if a single 60-pill bottle is said to last 30 days.

The bottle label may include the recommended dosage, but I didn’t find the Supplement Facts bottle label online.

What Are The Clinically Tested Ingredients In Zen Hair?

  • Biotin: Proven to combat hair thinning and promote significant hair growth.
  • Niacin: Proven to boost hair follicle health by improving blood and nutrient supply to the roots.
  • Vitamin A: Proven to promote hair growth while acting as an antioxidant.
  • Folic Acid: Proven to reduce graying and promote hair regrowth.
  • Vitamin B12: Proven to improve scalp health for healthier hair.
  • Vitamin B Complex: Proven to combat hair graying, hair loss, and hair thinning.
  • Silica: Proven to reduce hair loss and improve hair brightness.

Zen Hair Ingredients

While the ‘Proven’ list of ingredients is satisfying, the lack of information on the exact amounts of each element is disconcerting.

So, we have no clue as to whether there are sufficient ingredients in Zen Hair for the proven results to become visible.

Have Real User Reviews For Zen Hair Been Published Online?

I’ve found ZERO user reviews for Zen Hair Growth Pills online. The sites I looked at for Zen Hair reviews include Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Amazon, GNC, and eBay.

There are a few reviews on the official site, but I wouldn’t trust them to be unbiased. Some of the before and after pictures on the site look photoshopped.

So, if you wanted the assurance of someone trying and benefiting from this hair growth pill before you, you’re out of luck.

Does Zen Hair Come With Any Hidden Side Effects?

The official site for this product claims to give you side effect-free results. It’s claimed that the lack of side effects is due to the all-natural ingredients used.

But I haven’t found any real users who claim to have not experienced any side effects with Zen Hair.

So, regarding the side effects, you will be running blind in the hopes of not experiencing any major side effects.

Is Zen Hair Risk-Free Trial Offer A Scam?

Zen Hair Growth Pills are only sold on the official website with a risk-free trial offer. I checked the other top e-commerce websites and didn’t find the supplement sold there.

As for the trial offer, I found it to be very deceptive in what is offered and implied.

In the end, you are promised a risk FREE TRIAL for just a shipping charge ($6.95) but are charged for the full bottle ($89.95) on a monthly (recurring) basis until you cancel the auto-shipping subscription.

There is nothing illegal in what Zen Hair is doing. But I would still call it a SCAM because of its deceptive marketing and unethical charges.

Why Do I Think You Should Not Buy Zen Hair?

Well, just finding it to be a scam is a good enough reason not to buy Zen Hair.

However, its lack of evidence for its claims, the missing information on the ingredients, and its unclear origins (manufacturers) make the case of choosing an alternative hair growth product over getting Zen Hair.

Alternative For Zen Hair Growth Pills: Folexin

Folexin is a hair growth supplement that is made by a well-reputed supplement manufacturer and is used by thousands of men and women to get healthy and lustrous hair.


This pill contains all-natural ingredients to promote thicker and stronger hair with zero side effects, all the while remaining affordable for most people.

I found Har Vokse to be one of the best-priced hair growth products with deals starting at just $17.98 a bottle.

If you are unsure about which hair product to buy to regrow your hair, read my best hair growth products list or visit the official Folexin website to get my top-ranked hair growth product.