18 Edgar Cuts That Are Totally Trendy in 2022

Edgar haircuts are popular among men who prefer short hairstyles. They’re usually cut close to the head, leaving only a small amount of hair above the ears.

They’re often referred to as buzz cuts because of the shaved sides. The style is named after Edgar Allan Poe, whose poem “The Raven” was inspired by his own short haircut.

What is an Edgar Cut?

The Edgar haircut is a very short hairstyle that involves less hair in the front and fades out towards the sides and the back.

Latin American men commonly wear this style. In Mexico, it is known as a “Caesar”, whereas in Colombia, it is called a “Corto”. However, both names refer to the same type of haircut.

In fact, the name “Edgar” refers to a famous Colombian singer named Edgardo Reyes. He had a distinctive haircut, which he wore for many years. As you can see, his look is similar to the haircut that we’re talking about today.

Edgar Haircut in The Hulk

The Edgarcut was also popularized by actor Edward Norton in his role as The Hulk in the movie The Incredible Hulk (2008).

Norton’s character had a shaved head with no hair on top, leaving only a small patch at the back. This style became known as the “Edgar cut.”

While this hairstyle may be too extreme for most men, it does show off Norton’s handsome features. So if you’re looking for a stylish haircut, consider getting an Edgar cut.

Types of Edgar Cuts

There are many different types of edgar haircuts, including the following:

1. Classic Edgar Cut

Classic Edgar Cut

The Latin classic Edgar cut is known as the “tight bowl.” To achieve it, you start by combing the hair upwards from the front part of the head to the crown center. Then you comb outwards in all directions. After that, you add a Fader to the sides and the rear.

2. Mullet Edgar Temple Fade

Mullet Edgar Temple Fade

The Mullet is one of those timeless hairstyles that never goes out of style. In fact, it looks great even today. If you are looking for a short haircut that is easy to maintain and won’t make you feel like a school kid, try this simple haircut. You’ll love how versatile it is.

This is the perfect Edgar hairstyle for house parties, clubs and road trips. With its unique shape, it gives off a cool vibe. And since there are many different styles to choose from, you can always find something that suits your personality. Whether you want to go casual or dress up your hair, this cut is sure to work well for you.

3. Temple Undercut

Temple Undercut

The temple undercut is one of the most popular haircuts for men today. This style allows you to maintain a longer length while keeping it clean and looking great.

If you’ve got long hair, you can easily achieve this haircut yourself. Simply trim off some length from the back of your head, leaving just enough to cover the ears. Then use a pair of clippers to shave the sides of your head down to the neckline.

4. High Undercut

High Undercut

If you want to look like James Bond, it might seem like a good idea to cut off your hair completely. But there are many things wrong with doing this, such as the fact that it looks awful. However, if you do decide to go for a high under cut edgar hairstyle, make sure that the fringe line does not extend below your forehead’s hairline.

The high under cut edgar hairstyle is one of those haircuts that are easy to do, even for beginners. All it takes is a pair of scissors and some patience. You’ll want to start off by cutting a small amount of hair above your ear, just enough to make sure that the rest of your hair stays out of the way. Then, take a pair of scissors and trim the sides of your head down to about half an inch away from your ears. After that, use the scissors to carefully snip away the remaining hair.

5. Taper Edgar Cut

Taper Edgar Cut

Edgar San Antonio did something no one expected him to do. He went against his hair and beard style and rocked the traditional Taper Edgars haircut.

The look is sleek, smooth, and sexy while maintaining the classic feel of this popular haircut.

Rock it with a polished beard and you’ll make heads turn wherever you go.

This edgar cut arched mid fade is perfect for guys who love experimenting with their hair but aren’t ready to commit to a full-on haircut. The edgar cut arched fades in at the top and then gradually gets shorter towards the back.

It’s a great choice for guys who want to add some variety to their usual edgar haircut without going too far.

6. Bald Fade Edgar Haircut

Bald Fade Edgar Haircut

Edgar Bald Fade Haircuts are popular among men who want to achieve a clean, professional appearance. They’re easy to maintain and require no maintenance.

They’re also great for those who want to avoid shaving every day. The hair grows back quickly after cutting, making this style ideal for busy men.

To create an Edgar Bald Fade haircut, simply shave off most of your hair at the front and sides of your head. Then use a razor to carefully trim away any remaining hair.

Afterward, apply a styling product to help keep your hair looking fresh and styled. Use a blow dryer to smooth out your hair and add shine. Finally, finish by applying a finishing spray to protect your hair from moisture.

7. Corporate Beard Edgar Cut

Corporate Beard Edgar Cut

Edgar cuts are one of those classic haircuts that never go out of style. They look great on men of all ages, especially young ones like college students. A corporate beard takes it up a notch by adding some extra length and thickness.

The best part? You don’t even have to shave your face to achieve this look. All you need is a good razor and a steady hand.

8. Medium Fade Edgar Cut

Medium Fade Edgar Cut

A medium fade haircut is one of the most popular styles for guys looking to add some volume to their hair without spending too much money on it.

This style doesn’t require you to cut off half of your hair, but rather just shave down the front part of your hair. You can opt for different variations of this look depending on how long you want to keep it.

For example, if you want a longer version of this style, go ahead and grow out your bangs while cutting down the rest of your hair. If you want something shorter, you can skip the bangs or cut them into a bob.

9. Low Fade Edgar Cut

Low Fade Edgar Cut

If you’re a businessman or someone who doesn’t want to spend much money on haircuts, this is the perfect haircut for you. The low fade style gives off a very clean and sleek appearance.

This haircut works well for men with short hair because it looks fabulous even if the hairline isn’t trimmed. Try pairing this haircut with a Low Fading Kit to ensure you don’t look like a dork.

10. Wavy Edgar Haircut

Wavy Edgar Cut

If you’re looking for a way to make your hair look thicker without resorting to extensions, try rocking a tight Edgar cut. This style works best for people with naturally curly hair because it creates a strong wave pattern. If you want to go even further, you can add some volume to your locks with a curling iron.

The key to making this work well is to use a wide tooth comb to section off sections of hair.

Start by parting your hair down the middle and pulling each side over to one side. Then take a small amount of hairspray and spray it onto your hands. Using the comb, pull the hair apart into three sections.

Take the left section and wrap it around the base of the head, securing it with bobby pins.

Repeat with the second and third sections. Once you’ve done that, pull out the pins and start working the rest of your hair. You may want to keep the ends loose to help give your waves a fuller appearance.

11. Drop Fade Edgar Haircut

Drop Fade Edgar Haircut

The Drop Fade is one of the most popular haircuts among men because it adds volume while still keeping the shape of the head intact.

This type of cut is easy to maintain and requires little maintenance. A drop fade haircut is ideal for those looking to add some extra style without much effort.

A takuache haircut is a great option for those looking for something different. This particular cut is best suited for people with medium length hair.

It gives you added volume and creates a very stylish look. You can easily achieve this look by cutting off about half of your hair.

12. Short and Spiky Edgar Cut

Short and Spiky Edgar Cut

The short and spiky Edgar haircut style is popular among men who want to be seen as rugged yet stylish.

This type of haircut is usually worn by young men who want to appear tough and cool. But this hairstyle isn’t just for guys; women can wear it too.

If you’re looking for a trendy, edgy haircut, consider getting a short and spiky edgar cut. This style looks great on most face shapes and skin tones.

13. Spooky Edgar Cut

Spooky Edgar Cut

This particular hairstyle looks great on men of all ages, and it’s easy. All you need is some clippers and a pair of scissors.

Start by clipping the sides of your head short, just above the ears. Then, take the clipper and trim the front part of your hair into a neat little fringe.

Finally, finish by cutting your hair’s back straight down the middle. You can keep it long, or even add a few curls here and there.

14. Plain Wavy Edgar Cut

Plain Wavy Edgar Cut

If you’re looking for a simple haircut that won’t make you look like you just stepped off the set of “The Breakfast Club,” try this Edgar cut. This easy hairstyle features a plain wave, no fade, no undercuts, and no styling products are needed.

All you’ll need is a pair of scissors and a little patience.

Simply part your hair down the middle and take it straight into a side ponytail. Then, take one section of hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail. Next, grab another section of hair and repeat step 2.

Continue doing this until you reach the desired length. Finally, clip away any remaining hairs and style your hair however you’d like.

15. Buzz-Inspired Edgar Cut

Buzz-Inspired Edgar Cut

The buzz cut is one of the most popular military haircuts out there. And it looks great with almost anything else you wear. If you want to go full-on Buzz Lightyear, here are some tips to help you achieve his look.

A Buzz-inspired Takuaché cut starts off with a low fade on the front side. Then take about three inches off the top and shave down to about half an inch. Next, trim the sides and back to just under an inch.

Finally, finish up by cutting into the hair around the ears.

16. Low Undercut Takuache Haircut

Low Undercut Takuache Haircut

The low undercut takuache cut features a shorter hairline and lower sides compared to the classic death hawk.

The style isn’t just popular among rappers and musicians anymore; some partygoers, DJs, rockers, and even models are starting to sport this look.

17. Curly Edgar Cut

Curly Edgar Cut

The curly edgar hair cut is the perfect solution for those who want to avoid the hassle of shaving off their eyebrows.

This haircut hides the forehead protrusion and adds some volume to the sides. You’ll look great no matter what angle you’re seen from.

There are many ways to style it, depending on how much hair you have left. A side part works well if you don’t want to shave your brows completely.

18. Edgar Cut Arched Mid Fade

Cut Arched Mid Fade

The classic side part is one of our most versatile cuts. We love it because it looks great on everyone, whether you want to keep things simple or go for something a little more elaborate.

But sometimes we just don’t know what to do with our hair. If you’re stuck, try adding some volume to the front and/or the sides. To make it even easier, here are four variations of the classic mid fade haircut.

 Who started the Edgar Haircut?

The Edgar haircut was born out of necessity among young Latin American men who wanted to look good without spending much money. They cut their hair short around their ears and let it grow long on top, creating what we know today as the “Edgar.” This style became very trendy among Latinos because it allowed them to save money while looking great.

 Why is the Edgar haircut popular now?

The main reason why the Edgar cut is getting so much popularity is that in addition to being edgy and bold, it is low maintenance. In fact, you don’t even need to use a razor, just some scissors. And besides, it flatters almost every shape of head, especially oblong, angular and oval. So what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments section below.

What is the meaning of ‘Edgar’ in Edgar Cut?

The Edgar Cut gets its name after the actor Edgar Allan Poe, whose hair had been cut like this throughout his life. In fact, he even wore it while acting in some movies.


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