Powerful Hair Plus

Powerful Hair PlusUnderstanding hair loss and lack of regrowth is vitally important. Whether your hair loss is a result of aging, stress, hereditary reasons, caused by alopecia, thyroid issues, balding, thinning, or poor diet, it is important to take action sooner than later. Once you understand the cause you can decide on the best product or solution.

We totally get it, your hair is an asset, one which you would rather keep than lose. It’s no secret that hair can directly impact many areas of life, whether it’s relationships, confidence or even your career. It’s with this in mind that we created Powerful Hair Plus, an all-in-one hair vitamin capsule that addresses many potential vitamin deficiencies and helps support healthy hair, skin and nails from within.

Powerful Hair Plus Benefits & Facts:

  • 100% unique formula made here, in the United States. There is no other hair formula like it, years in the making and it’s finally available!
  • Contains natural herbs, minerals and vitamins that your body wants and needs. Healthy hair thrives in a healthy body that’s why you need Powerful Hair Plus!
  • Powerful ingredients include Fo-Ti, MSM, Keratin, Bamboo Extract, Saw Palmetto, Pygeium Africanum and many more.
  • Recommended for all hair styles and types
  • Small and easily digestible vegetable capsule, no bovine or gelatin
  • Virtually odorless and mess free. Just take 2 capsules per day; each bottle lasts 30 days.
  • 90 Day Iron Clad Guarantee

***We highly recommend ordering a 3 month supply (1 bottle = 1 month).

POWERFUL HAIR, SKIN & NAILS SUPPORT: Uniquely manufactured from the ground up for the best possible results. Stop wasting your money on junk; healthy hair thrives in a healthy body and that’s why you need Powerful Hair Plus!

UNIQUE INGREDIENTS PROVIDE EXTRAORDINARY BENEFITS: Packed with natural ingredients, everything from Biotin, MSM, Saw Palmetto to Fo Ti and more. Vegetable capsule formula is gluten free, cruelty free and does not contain any chemicals.

ADDRESS THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM: Powerful Hair Plus addresses potential vitamin deficiencies that may cause hair loss and lack of hair growth / regrowth. It is recommended for all hair types and can be used by women and men.

MADE IN THE USA — FDA APPROVED FACILITY: Not all hair supplements, DHT blockers or hair growth pills are made equal which is why we made sure Powerful Hair Plus is made in the USA, abides by the highest standard of manufacturing practices, is GMP certified and made in a FDA approved facility.


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